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We are looking for parents and children involved in unschooling to contribute material to the magazine. Live Free Learn Free strives to bring natural learning families together by publishing articles, stories, projects, poems, letters, reviews, and other items written by home/unschooling parents and children, as well as candid photos of kids and families enjoying life. All content (except the introduction to each issue) is written by Live Free Learn Free readers.

You don't have to be a professional writer to be published in Live Free Learn Free – just an unschooler!

Deadline for November/December Issue: Thursday, September 27, 2007


Freedom to Learn

We’d like to receive, on an ongoing basis, articles or letters about what works (or doesn’t work) for you as natural learners, as well as glimpses into the days and ways of an unschooling family. This is a recurring section of the magazine, so tell us what it means to you to be an unschooler! What obstacles have you encountered? What advantages have you discovered? This area of the magazine has a very broad focus, so tell us what's on your mind! For those who need a bit more inspiration, here are a few topics we'd like to cover in this and upcoming issues:

  •   Joys of unschooling
  •   College?
  •   Unschooling the special needs child
  •   Rural unschooling
  •   Support groups
  •   Defining "success"
  •   Conferences
  •   Structure
  •   "Later" readers
  •   Role of technology
  •   Activism and unschooling
  •   Math anxiety
  •   When kids want to try school
  •   Camp
  •   Unschooling teens
  •   Deschooling
  •   Using community college
  •   Apprenticeships
  •   Traveling and unschooling
  •   Single parents unschooling
  •   Using the community
  •   Unschooling shy children
  •   Unschooling through rough times
  •   Testing
  •   Jobs/work for kids
  •   Unschooling religion
  •   Relinquishing "control"
  •   Unschooling the only child
  •   Mentoring
  •   Socialization
  •   Labels (ADHD, LD, Etc.)
  •   When spouses disagree about unschooling
  •   T.V.
  •   "Failing"
  •   Unschooling on the cheap
  •   History without textbooks
  •   Both parents working
  •   Dealing with criticisms of unschooling
  •   Boredom
  •   Deschooling for parents
  •   Reporting to school authorities
  •   Quitting
  •   Everyday math/science/language/art/etc.
  •   Anything else you can think of!


This section of each issue focuses on unschooling and homeschooling groups, authors and conferences, as well as nonprofits or other opportunities for unschoolers. Articles or interviews with teens and grown unschoolers would be appropriate here, as well.

Delving In

This section of the magazine features a project or activity. This list is by no means complete. If you know how to do something fun, share it with the unschooling world!
  •   Building a bat house
  •   Sewing / knitting / crocheting for kids
  •   The basics of music notation
  •   Making board / dice / card games
  •   Science experiments
  •   Tie dye or tea dying
  •   Building a fairy house
  •   Magic tricks
  •   Origami
  •   Making and playing with a mobius strip
  •   Paper snowflakes
  •   Recipes
  •   Discovering local / regional history
  •   Starting a collection
  •   Making instruments
  •   Gardening
  •   Number tricks
  •   Going on a nature walk
  •   Mask making
  •   Finding free attractions
  •   Beginning genealogy
  •   Making root beer or soda


We're now publishing summaries and reviews of unique, engaging resources for unschoolers. Your review could be featured in the resources section of our website and/or in the pages of Live Free Learn Free!


We're always looking for candid photos of home/unschooling in action! If you'd like your photo to be considered for the magazine's cover, please send it as high-res as possible. The magazine is 7"x8½", so cover photos work best when they are at least 7½"x9" at 300 dpi. Interior photos should be at least half that size and 300 dpi. Because .jpgs are usually the easiest to send through email, this is the file format we recommend. And remember, when it comes to photos, bigger is always better!



Please send all material in the body of an email or in an attached Word document to the editor. Hard copies of contributions may also be sent to our physical address for those without Internet access:

Live Free Learn Free
812 Primrose Lane
Cedar Park, TX 78613

There is no requirement for word length. Simply say what you have to say. If a submission is extremely long, we may ask you to edit for length. Though we do not edit for content, if your submission is selected for publication, it may be necessary to edit for clarity or style. If this is the case, we will contact you and allow you to review all changes.

Please include a short biography if you'd like one to accompany your contribution. At the discretion of the editor, we can include contact information such as email addresses and websites in the biographies.

Remember to include photographs if you would like them to accompany your article. If no photographs are submitted (or if submitted photographs won't work, for one reason or another), other photos may run with your article. Please see above for photo submission guidelines.

If you would prefer that we print your submission anonymously, just let us know.

Though we strive to print as much as possible, unfortunately not every contribution will make it into Live Free Learn Free.


There is no monetary payment for contributors; however, each contributing writer will receive a free six-month (three issue) subscription to the magazine (including a copy of the issue in which their submission appears). At this time, the six-month subscription does not apply to photographers or those who contribute reviews of resources; however, if your photograph or review is selected for inclusion in Live Free Learn Free, you will receive a copy of the issue in which it appears.


The author will retain all rights to the contribution, granting Live Free Learn Free permission to print the contribution in the magazine and in compilations, as well as permission for the contribution to be displayed on the Live Free Learn Free website at any time. If, for any reason, the magazine would like to use the contribution in any other way, the author will be contacted and permission will be requested.

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