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Welcome to the largest collection of unschooling resources on the web!

These pages are always being updated with resource suggestions from Live Free Learn Free's Unschooling Resources group. Entries followed by a post number refer back to the original suggestion on the UR list. Resources have been categorized simply to promote ease in searching.

Note: Some of the books and games offered here are out of print. Try the library, Half.com, eBay, Google searches, thrift stores, and yard/garage/tag sales.

And, don't forget that the best resources aren't found in boxes, inside books, or on websites. One of the great beauties of unschooling is that it can be done very cheaply. Use the local library and other community resources, find knowledgeable people, get to know a patch of earth.... Everyday life is brimming with remarkable experiences.

Recently Added Resources

Unschooling Resources for Parents

Resources on Unschooling
(unschooling books, websites, support groups, discussion lists, etc.)

Unschooling Resources for the Arts

The Arts

Unschooling Resources for History

History, Geography
and Other Cultures

Unschooling Resources for the Sciences


Unschooling Resources for Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing

Unschooling Resources for Mathematics


Unschooling Resources for Computers


  Unschooling Resources for Toys and Games

Toys and Games

Unschooling Resources - Miscellaneous



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