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Issue Fifteen (September/October 2007) - Coming Soon!

Live Free Learn Free Unschooling Magazine - Issue 15

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Parenting Curriculum
by Tracy Liebmann
"Parenting without a curriculum means looking at life with our family as a philosophy of experiential learning, one that downplays the intellectual tendency to predict and control."

But What About Math?
by Holly Rebekah Graff
"Real math is a way of thinking, a way of seeing, the use of logic and abstraction. School math is all hung up on numbers, but mathematical reasoning can be conveyed and understood in all sorts of creative ways."

Apple Juice and Dandelions
by Sharon Miller

"I wanted to hear just one other family express some frustration.  Some fear.  Some worry.  Maybe even some terror."

Emotional Intelligence
by Karen Ridd
Research shows, for instance, that IQ can predict between 1% and 20% of success in a given job (the average is 6%).  Emotional Intelligence, on the other hand, has been found to be directly responsible for between 27% and 45% of job success, depending on which field of employment was under study."

Living a Lumpy Life: Why "Well Rounded" Isn't Our Goal
by Jen Lynch
"To me, well-rounded implies molded, smoothed by outside hands until there are no distinguishing marks, no edges to rest on.  Well-rounded means that someone else has decided what to study and when and how much.  Well-rounded means endlessly rolling, never being so excited about something that you must stop."

A Typical Day
by Janel Janes
An unschooling mother describes her children's day.

Frogs, Tents and Bugs.... Oh, My!
by Jenny Penton
"I poked my head out of my tent to get a closer look. What I saw changed me."

The Importance of Not Knowing
by Nathanael Schildbach
"I suppose I should find solace in the fact that both the Dalai Lama and my wife are okay with saying, 'I don't know.' There is clearly a lesson in that for me, as well as some sort of knowledge that the should I'm carrying around is neither helpful nor healthy."

Unschoolers Building Sustainable Communities in the Suburbs
by Laurie Goodman

"Let us go out and talk with those who are home. "

Finding Joy
by Miranda Demarest

"I like to think of life and the learning that happens as a puzzle with no edge pieces."

Reviews of unschooling resources.

a poem by unschooler Caroline Martin


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