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Dover Publications
Dover is the company that publishes those beautiful, detailed coloring books. Looking for a coloring book on King Tut or Hercules or African designs? Or, perhaps you'd like to cut and assemble a Crusader castle or the house from Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables. This is the place. Dover also publishes literature books, art books and more. Sign up for their weekly sample pages here.

   Klutz books
Lots of fun for rainy (and not so rainy) days. Learn knitting, juggling, hairwraping, gardening, paper airplane folding, watercolor painting, hemp knotting, origami, embroidery, clay sculpting, cats cradle, magic tricks, hackey sacking, yo-yo-ing, and more!

Ultimate Visual Dictionary by Dorling Kindersley
Includes many different sections: The Universe; Prehistoric Earth; Plants; Animals; The Human Body; Geology, Geography and Meteorology; Physics and Chemistry; Rail and Road; Sean and Air; The Visual Arts; Architecture; Music; Sports; and Everyday Things. Ever wondered what parts made up Ford's Model T? How about the ways in which woodwind instruments differ from one another? Or maybe you want to know about the various types of feather in a bird's wing...? Filled with wonderful photos and illustrations, this is a perfect book to flip through. From Viking ships to alternative engines, there's something for everyone!

The World in One Day by Russell Ash
"Every day... 7 million pizzas are eaten in America... one human heart pumps enough blood to fill 170 bathtubs... lightning strikes Earth 8 million times...." Includes sections on world population, one day's food, production, travel, animals, planet Earth and more. Oversized book with fold-out pages.


Kids Discover Magazine
A cool commercial-free magazine. Each issue focuses on a single theme: Pyramids, bicycles, weather, the brain, rainforests, suffragism, etc. You can view the Kids Discover website here.
Muse Magazine
From the Muse website: "Muse is a science magazine, a history magazine, and an art magazine--all rolled into one! With insightful articles on topics ranging from anthropology to zoology and just about everything in between, Muse will captivate curious readers...." From the publishers of Cricket, Cobblestone and more.

Movies and Shows

Inspector Gadget's Field Trip
"Every kid goes on field trips, but not to places like Rome and NASA's space center. Join Inspector Gadget as he exposes colorful facts and interesting legends!"


Paper Crafts

Free Online Graph Paper
This astounding site offers dozens of printable pages, not only of common types of graph paper, but also of musical staff paper and tablature, hexagonal graph paper (great for role-playing games), "tumbling-block" paper (fun to color), number lines, Celtic knotwork graph paper, Chinese character guide papers, and many more! (Post #728)

Mr. McGroovy's Box Rivets
Buy a box of rivets for a few dollars and turn cardboard into something amazing. The projects on this site are astounding! Build a castle, a firetruck, a train, a sleigh, a ship - even knight's armor.... Very, very cool! (post #1270)

The Online Paper Airplane Museum
This sites collects paper airplanes from all over the Internet into a single, giant database. Because of this, the designs are somewhat hit-or-miss, but it’s quite fun to browse through. Another great paper airplane site is Alex's Paper Airplanes, which includes detailed instructions for two dozen paper planes, as well as video instructions for a select few.

Free downloadable paper models including animals, seasons and holidays, and motorcycles (since this site is owned by Yamaha).

The Toy Maker
"Folding paper toys that you can make yourself." Gorgeous!

WorldWorks paper models
With models of castles, caves, bridges, ships, characters and more, these print-outs (use card stock for stability) make for hours of cutting and folding fun. The finished designs are amazing and beautifully detailed. Seige equipment actually works (with rubber bands and such). Website is somewhat overwhelming, but check out all the photos of the diffrent models!


About U.
A collection of free online courses from About.com (post #205)

Angel Bear Yoga
Homeschooling mother Christi Eley and her husband Mark have created an inspiring imaginary world centered around a reverence for nature, positive character traits, healthy bodies and relaxed minds. Angel Bear leads children on a journey through an enchanted forest along with his small friend Sweet Pea who needs a little help rediscovering her own inner light. Angel Bear Yoga focuses on fifty character traits, such as confidence, freedom, honesty, patience and wholeness. The traits are incorporated into stories and translated into nature poses. This is a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of yoga. You can read our full review of Angel Bear Yoga in LFLF Issue 14.

Over 400 cartoon movies on a variety of topics in several categories: science, English, math, social studies, technology and health. Each is only a few minutes long, easy to follow, and lots of fun. Cost is $80/year, but there is a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) that's definitely worth looking into. Very cool site. Highly recommended! Also, check out the new BrainPop Jr.!

Dr. Demento Archive
Lots of silly stuff here - not always child-appropriate, but this site is certainly worthwhile. With over 1300 of the Good Doctor's shows in digital format, this is truly an amazing collection. Searchable by artist, song title, or date. Some favorites? Try Tom Lehrer, Animaniacs, Weird Al, and They Might Be Giants. Then, just go browsing. There's lots and lots and lots of fun stuff.

Enchanted Learning
"Enchanted Learning produces children's educational web sites which are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity, learning, and enjoyment." Over 17,000 web pages.

FirstGov for Kids
"This site was developed and is maintained by the Federal Citizen Information Center. It provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject." Truly expansive site.

 The Freechild Project
"Freechild connects young people to create social change, particularly those who have historically been denied the right to participation. We offer resources, programs, training, and more." A great site, it even provides a section about unschooling!

Homestar Runner
Fun, absurdist Flash cartoons and games featuring the bumbling, armless Homestar, Strong Bad, The Cheat and others. Check out Strong Bad's email section! Hours of entertainment!

The Pattern of Success
An interview with homeschooled costume designer Jennie Chancey. Includes link to an online "Costume Classroom" offering costume, fashion and sewing classes.

Resource Suggestions from Steve Saus
Steve posts lots of interesting websites (post #81)

  The Rudiments Of Wisdom Encyclopaedia by Tim Hunkin
A collection of thousands of strange, categorized facts in cartoon form. Amazing! (post #217)

Study Guide for Student Drivers
By state.

Suite University
Free online continuing education courses (post #201)

"An Aussie e-zine celebrating unschooling children sharing life and learning at home and in the community." This delightful site offers articles about Australian unschoolers, book reviews by children, projects, tons of photos and more! What a joy!

"The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit!"

Yahoo Audio Search
Search for audio files on the Internet. Type in a search word or phrase, and a list of matching audio files comes up. Very cool. (post #128)

Yes, Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

  Boomerang! Audio Magazine
From the website: "Boomerang! is a monthly 70-minute CD in the format of a 'magazine.' Designed for ages 6 through 12, Boomerang! introduces kids to the world of big ideas - science, current events, economics, history, poetry and geography. Jokes, mysteries, music and interviews combine to make this monthly program a child's own personal window to the world at large." There's a sample quicktime cd on the website.

Dundjinni map making software
A full-featured fantasy map creation program. It allows users to create walls and floors, place objects, insert text, and more. Though it is specifically designed for fantasy role-playing games, this software is relatively easy to use and can be lots of fun for kids.

Looking for interesting free stuff? Here, you'll find used books, old toasters or radios to take apart, trading cards, and just about anything else you can imagine.... From the website: "The Freecycle Network™ is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Each local group is run by a local volunteer moderator (them's good people). Membership is free." Find out if your town has an active Freecycle movement.

The Learning Tower
This beautiful wooden "tower" is an absolutely wonderful invention. It functions as a giant stepstool, allowing a child to have access to kitchen counters, tables, etc. while still being safe. It can also become a great imaginative tool - turning into a playhouse, desk or stage. Perfect for unschooling! (Post #927)

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