Unschooling Resources: Foreign/Cultural Exchange

Perhaps the best way to find out about cultural exchange programs for homeschoolers is to ask around. Post questions on homeschooling boards, forums, and Yahoo groups. Get the word out to local homeschool groups. You might find someone who knows just what you're looking for.... If you come across something amazing, please let us know.

Here are a few resources we can recommend:

AFS Intercultural Programs
AFS offers year, semester and summer exchange programs throughout the world, as well as community service exchange programs for those over 18. Additionally, many other cultural exchange programs offer summer exchanges that don't revolve around public schooling. This can be a great option for home/unschoolers!

College Abroad
There are many programs that can guide you through applying to colleges in other countries. Simply Google "college abroad" and start exploring!

Cultural exchange program
Googling "cultural exchange program," rather than "exchange student," brings up more promising opportunities for those not looking to attend public schools abroad.

Labo International
Labo International is a cultural exchange program between the US/Canada/Australia and Japan. Programs include summer exchanges that do not involve schooling, but instead are focused on cultural immersion. Labo also offers working/intern exchanges and adult exchanges. Labo has worked with homeschooling families in the past and is eager to do so again.

Private Exchanges through Home/Unschooling Families
It's possible to arrange an exchange through families privately. And, because there are home/unschoolers all over the world, the possibilities are endless! Just post your request to boards, forums, Yahoo groups, etc.

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WOOF)
WOOF works to "enable people to learn first-hand about organic growing techniques, to enable town-dwellers to experience living and helping on a farm, to help farmers make organic production a viable alternative, and to improve communications within the organic movement." Countries range from China to Ghana to New Zealand to Argentina, to France, and include many, many more.


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