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What Have Our Readers Been Saying?

Live Free Learn Free has subscribers in every U.S. state and in dozens of countries around the world. What are our readers saying about the magazine?

I love the magazine and just recommended a subscription to a friend who is trying to encourage her husband to be more unschool-y. I think the "real life" feeling of your magazine is great for the whole family!
- Jessica H.

I wanted to let you know that everyone in our homeschool group gets excited when a new issue of your magazine arrives. We get a lot of mothers passing the issues around and discussing the articles.
- Tracy S.

Unschooling Girl SmilingI was really impressed with Live Free Learn Free and read it from cover to cover the day I got it. I can't even express how thrilled I am that this exists. It was sooooo refreshing.
- Erin R.

The connections with thoughtful, kind people; the words and stories; and the passion we have for our children and life make me feel like I've spent a wonderful time in a cozy kitchen with like-minded friends and children playing amongst us. I feel grateful to be included in the Live Free Learn Free world
- Mary D.

I am a current subscriber to Live Free, Learn Free, which I love! The stories really help me get through the unknown of what I am doing with my daughter. Finding the right path for us. I just want you to know how thankful I am that your magazine is out there. In times of stress, it has really helped me to breathe and say it is going to be okay. Thank you for everything you do!!!!
- LeAnn C.

I discovered your magazine not that long ago, and absolutely love the articles.... They have the feel of what we do more than anything else I've come across. Thanks for creating such a wonderfull thing.
- Sarah C.

I am so glad I stumbled upon your website and subsequently subscribed to Live Free Learn Free. The first issue was truly supportive and inspiring. It helped me re-focus in on why we home-school and why we should keep homeschooling.
- Sharon M.

It's nice to read the stories without people being set up as "experts" over our heads, and without annoying BJU ads.
- Kit W.

I just received my Live Free Learn Free magazine which always grounds me! Thanks, Shana, and all who contribute to the mag! I was so happy to see "Experience versus Being Taught" right on the cover!
- Kara J.
Unschooling Girl Holding Hands Over Eyes
I'm a huge fan of your magazine, which I just subscribed to and have recommended often already.
- Hillary H.

I got my copy of Live Free Learn Free today. It's awesome!!! It's hard to put down, but I'll loan it out as soon as I'm done.
- Meredith S.

The most recent edition of Live Free Learn Free arrived in my mailbox today. It is the best ever and really speaks to the joy that is the unschooling life.
- Jen L.

I LOVE the Live Free Learn Free site -- the whole idea. We're planning a family, and your magazine gives us hope that we aren't the only ones in the world who believe these things! The sample articles online are great -- look for my check in the mail, 'cause I need at least one issue, if not a subscription!!
- Michelle P.

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