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Columbus Metro Unschoolers
News, announcements and discussion for the Columbus Metro Unschoolers' Group.

Columbus Unschooling Boys (CUBs)
This is a group for homeschooling parents in Central Ohio who are raising BOYS! This group was created so we could meet each other and get together to do fun things. All types of home educators are welcome, but the emphasis will be for unschooling, eclectic, or relaxed homeschoolers. Also, female siblings are welcome, but again this group is primarily for homeschooling boys ages 4-12.

Northern Ohio Unschoolers
Welcome to Northern Ohio Unschoolers! The purpose of this group is to have a place where Unschooling families in Northern Ohio can find a local unschooling community and plan activities, field trips, park days, learning opportunities, etc... Or if you just need another unschooling family to talk with, this is the place.

Unschoolers Network Ohio (UNO)
The mission of this group is to promote and support unschooling, AKA natural learning, interest led learning, child led learning. Join in discussion about the unschooling lifestyle, how to succeed within Ohio regulations, and basically anything that relates to learning by living life.


Oklahoma Unschoolers
Discussion group & activity center for Oklahoma homeschooling families who consider themselves toward the unschooling end of the homeschooling spectrum. Unencumbered discussion on philosophical and practical aspects of unschooling, unschooling thoughts, experiences, questions and applications.


Central Oregon Unschoolers
This group is for unschooling families that live in Central Oregon, specifically in Bend and the surrounding areas.

Eugene Area Unschoolers
This is a list created for the sole purpose of connecting Eugene area unschoolers. Connecting, networking, discussion, activities, gatherings and event planning is encouraged.

The Learning Community (TLC) of Corvallis
TLC is a support and activity group for families who are homeschooling in the Corvallis, Oregon area. We are a welcoming and interactive community of families who choose to learn outside of the standard school setting. We are an inclusive group and use many different approaches to learning with our children. At our core we are relaxed home learners, world learners, and unschoolers. TLC was founded in order to provide support for parents as well as activities, learning opportunities, socialization, and fun for the children. We strive to be respectful parents, helpful friends, and knowledgeable mentors. We have weekly park or gym days, a monthly Mom’s brunch, family potlucks, field trips, hands-on activities, clubs, celebrations, and online as well as in person support.


The Home Education Exchange of the Southern Tier of New York
A nonsectarian activity and support group for homeschoolers and those exploring educational alternatives. We respect each child's interest, learning style, and rate of progress and strive to preserve and promote the joy of learning. We appreciate the richness of diversity that each family brings to the group. Participation and cooperation of all group members is encouraged.
Also includes members from Pennsylvania.

Pa-Unschoolers is an inclusive community with Unschooling as the focus.

Are you radically unschooling in PA? Would you like to meet others who hold the unschooling philosophy and live it while still complying with Act 169? This list is for those who already get it, this isn't designed for newbies starting out.

Wissahickon Homeschoolers Co-Operative
We are a group of homeschooling families living in the Wissahickon area of Philadelphia (Wissahickon, Roxborough, Manayunk, East Falls, Mt. Airy and Germantown*) with our young children (under 8). Our families are working collectively to provide our children not only with enriching homeschooling experiences and wonderful friendships, but also with a sense of community, all of which we hope will grow and blossom as they do!

Rhode Island

New England Unschooling
Discussion and support group for unschoolers in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

South Carolina

Charleston Unschoolers
This group is not faith-based or activity-based; it is simply going to be getting together with each other at parks and other places as a way of creating community and companionship for children and adults alike.

South Dakota

The South Dakota Homeschool Association
The SDHSA is an all-volunteer organization, which exists solely to support homeschooling in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. We support all reasons for and methods of homeschooling. We encourage anyone with an interest in homeschooling to join us! We are an inclusive group, home schooling for a variety of reasons. We rely on our members for their special skills and experience. We come together for support, activities for our children, and friendship. As we rely on the involvement of members, activities change according to contributions and participation levels. Also includes a Yahoo group.


Nashville Area Unschoolers
Are you a Nashville Area Unschooler, wannabee or curious?? This group is for friendship and support for veterans, newbies and all in between who believe in child-led learning

Tennessee Unschooling
Welcome! This list is for unschoolers, unschool-learning, or unschool curious in the state of Tennessee. We're open to all religious persuasions and those with none.

Tennessee Unschoolers / Rutheford County Eclectic Homeschoolers
We are an informal homeschooling group that meets once a week. The group is made up of an assortment of religions, schooling and living styles.

TriCities Family Unschooling Network
Welcome unschoolers, unschool-learning, and unschool-curious in the Tri-Cities area of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Unschoolers of Memphis
Our purpose is to provide a network of support for all families involved in home education, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or philosophy of homeschooling. We work cooperatively to create an enriching community of homeschooling families in the Memphis area.


Austin Area Homeschoolers (AAH)
(Lots of unschoolers here.) Austin Area Homeschoolers is a network of families who homeschool or are exploring the possibility. We are an inclusive group composed of individuals who are willing to share their homeschooling experiences. Each person speaks only to his or her individual experience. We respect each family's educational choices. We do not charge dues, and there are no special requirements for homeschoolers to participate.

Blue Sky West Houston Homeschoolers
Blue Sky West Houston Homeschoolers is a progressive support group for environmentally conscious home learners. This is a secular group that includes a wide variety of open minded individuals with left leaning politics - and is diametrically opposed to "Statements of Faith." We are primarily eclectics/unschoolers - Definitively NOT a conservative "School at home" group.

Dallas Unschoolers Circle
Dallas Unschoolers Circle is made up of families from Dallas and the surrounding areas who follow a self-directed or child-led approach to learning. They meet bi-monthly at local parks giving the kids the opportunity to engage in unstructured play and the parents the opportunity to socialize and support each other on their journey.

DFW School-Free Education Zone (DFWSaFE)
The DFW School Free Education Zone is a progressive support group for parents/guardians of home-learners. We are unschoolers, believing that child-led learning is preferable to curriculum use. Some of our members are very relaxed eclectic home-learners and do use some curriculum, but it simply isn't the focus of our group. We have regular park days, seasonal parties, field trips, "meet & greets," volunteer opportunities, and other activities. We are based in Flower Mound, in the center of the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Denton triangle, and have members from all over the metroplex and surrounding areas.

The DFW School-Free Education Zone for TEENS is a progressive, secular home-learners' support group for parents/families of teens in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding North Texas areas. (We also have a teens-only chat group.) We are unschoolers, believing in child-led learning. We welcome very relaxed eclectic home-learners or people contemplating unschooling.

Family Unschooling Network
This group is for Texas families who are educating their children through life. As we share our daily learning experiences, we hope that local groups will develop where members can get together and enjoy fellowship and learning together. This list is not restricted to Christians, but anti-Christian sentiments have no place here and will not be allowed.

FREE - Houston Unschoolers
FREE: Fun and Relaxed - The Essence of Education FREE is a community of advocates for child-led learning. As families who practice or are exploring the unschooling lifestyle, we support and respect each other as we learn and grow in freedom.

HomeWorks CLC
A group to facilitate the planning of a cooperative unschooling learning center in Houston, Texas.

Houston Pagan Unschoolers
This is a group for Pagan parents who want to homeschool or unschool their children. All are welcome to join, but local events will be in the Houston, Texas area.

LAUGH: Lubbock Area Unschoolers Growing at Home
A place for Lubbock-area families homeschooling for the joy of it.

NorthTexasNaturalLearners · NTNL
A small and local secular support and activity group for unschoolers and other homeschoolers in Denton TX.

PlanoFUN · Plano Family Unschoolers Network
Welcome unschoolers, unschool-learning, and unschool-curious in the Plano/DFW, Texas area. We're open to all religious persuasions and those with none. All aspects of unschooling will be discussed including family and community events, living as learning, food and sleep issues, television-viewing, natural and joyful living.

Texas Rural Unschoolers
A support group for unschoolers (and those wanting to unschool) who live in rural areas or small communities (urban dwellers are welcome, too). If you have to drive an hour or more to find a secular support group, this group is for you.

UCAustin · Unschooling Community of Austin
This group is for unschooling families in and around Austin, Texas. We are a secular community where members can gather to discuss their unschooling journeys, ask questions, and offer support. We will have periodic park days, field trips, and other special events so that our children are able to meet and develop long lasting relationships.

Whole Alternative Kommunity Education (WAKE) is the newest home/unschooling support group in the DFW area. Our Tuesday Gatherings began in Fall '04. There is no age segregation. We strive for a small community environment, and encourage Attachment Parenting and TCS.

WestHoustonUnschoolers · West Houston Unschoolers
We are a group of Unschooling families in the Houston area. We meet in the West Houston area, but would love to meet families in any area of Houston. If you would like to meet families in the Houston area who are living the unschooling lifestyle this is the place for you!

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