Unschooling Support Groups Outside the U.S.


Homeschool Australia
Beverly Paine's expansive site includes articles, blogs, a children's e-zine, newsletters, and a list of support groups throughout Australia.


Home Based Learning Network
HBLN is an informal association of families in the National Capital Region interested in alternatives to the school system. Network members represent a wide range of approaches to learning, and HBLN does not endorse any specific philosophy of education except to promote respect for diversity and individual choice.
(Very unschooling friendly.)

Living is learning. This list is the place chatting about anything and everything! Join us to share ideas and information with other Canadian home based learners.

Unschooling Canada
This list is for Canadian unschoolers who believe in child-led/natural learning. It is a list for unschoolers certain of their choice, and also for those who are learning to let go of school-at-home and let their children lead the way.


HEdNI (Home Edication in Northern Ireland)
HEdNI is for families in Northern Ireland who are home-educating or who want to find out about home-education.


Unschooling in Japan
Welcome to Unschooling in Japan, a site specifically for unschooling families in Japan. Includes legal issues, unschooling information, links to Japanese sites, articles, resources and forums and an event calendar.

New Zealand

New Zealand Unschoolers
NZUnschoolers is intended for unschoolers living in New Zealand, interested in unschooling in New Zealand in the future, or those interested in finding out what unschooling means within New Zealand.

United Kingdom

Educating Otherwise - Tyne and Wear
This list is for all those active or interested in home education and originally this group was set up for members of Education Otherwise living in the region of Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom. We now welcome non EO members and and encourage members from our neighbouring regions of County Durham and Northumberland and we are also pleased to welcome members from all over the globe who want to be part of our online community.

Education Otherwise
A UK-based membership organisation which provides support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school.

Home Education UK
Includes articles, resources, legal information, a listing of local groups, and more.

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