Unschooling Support Groups G - L


GA Unschoolers
This group was created to support and connect unschoolers in Georgia. Please join us and use this list to make area unschooling connections. Share your families unschooling stories, discuss unschooling issues, share and read unschooling articles and quotes, plan and attend field trips and get-togethers, and check out our unschooling books/website recommendations. Let's grow and learn together.

Peachtree City Funschoolers
Peachtree City Funschoolers (PTCF) is a support group for unschooling families in and around Peachtree City, GA.
We meet to have fun! This is to provide an opportunity for the kids to play together and for the Moms and Dads to visit. We offer organized activities based on the desires of the children in the group and at the monthly meetings, where the children are welcome to share their latest interests with the other kids, like a demo or such. We try to go to places that are free to low cost, with an eye toward everyone’s budget. We try to meet weekly or as often as interests, weather, and work and other schedules permit.




Child-led Learning
We are a group of parents around the Treasure Valley (Idaho) who are beginning a local support group for homeschooling w/ an emphasis on child-led learning (some are unschoolers and some incorporate child-led learning into their days in other ways).

North Idaho Unschoolers
North Idaho Unschoolers is a relaxed network of homeschooling families that share the joy of child led learning together. The purpose of this list is to create a community of like-minded unschooling families in the Inland Northwest in order to provide support, discussions and real life get-to-togethers. We like to have fun with our children and each other! We believe that the best kind of learning (really the only kind) occurs when people are enjoying themselves to the fullest, following their hearts and embracing life in all its complexities. Please join us if these words resonate with you in anyway. Share stories about your own family and unschooling experience; it is with open minds and hearts that we learn from one another.


Many Rivers Unschoolers
This is an all-inclusive homeschooling group that meets every Wednesday at a church and park in Plainfield. Our members are unschoolers and believe learning best happens when it is self initiated and that children are learning all the time. Also includes a yahoo group.

Northside Unschoolers of Chicago
The Northside Unschoolers is a support group for homeschooling families that practice child-led learning. Parent meetings, park days, scheduled activities and more. Website also includes a discussion board.

Off The Beaten Path
Off the Beaten Path is an inclusive support network of unschooling families based in Lake County, Illinois.

Unschool Illinois
This is an all inclusive group for unschoolers in Illinois. This is a wonderful place for homeschoolers, unschoolers and the unschool curious to gather and share ideas, support and resources. Anyone with an intrest in unschooling is welcome to join.

Unschooling in Illinois
We are homeschooling parents in Illinois, who have chosen the method of unschooling as the means to teach our children.


Indiana Unschoolers
This is a list for all homeschoolers living in Indiana who consider themselves unschoolers by nature.


Iowans Dedicated to Educational Alternatives (IDEA)
"IDEA" is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization dedicated to providing information, support and encouragement to pursue life-long learning outside the school environment.
This group recognizes that Learning is an internal process that thrives when people are free to explore life on their own terms, this philosophy is often called unschooling.

Iowa Unschoolers
Iowa Unschoolers (IU) is a discussion list as well as support network for new and experienced unschooling families who live in or near Iowa.

Omaha Unschoolers
The goal of this list is to simplify the dissemination of unschooling information from informal get-togethers to scheduled events. This is also an excellent venue to easily organize group discounts for activities and events whether attending as a group or individual families. Unschoolers and very relaxed homeschoolers from western Iowa and other parts of Nebraska are welcome to join.


KS Homeschool Net
Created as a resource for those who have chosen the path of homeschooling, in ALL of its many forms, in Kansas and surrounding areas. We hope to provide a place for families to come for information, connection with other area families, support, and sharing. Specifically, we hope to provide a sense of community and resources for those taking more eclectic paths of homeschooling, including unschooling, child-led learning, life learning, etc. Includes articles, resources and more.

Lawrence Area Homeschoolers Network (LAHN)
A secular, inclusive homeschooling group that supports families and encourages homeschooling in Lawrence, Kansas and surrounding areas. Most of our meetings are social in nature, although members are encouraged to share their skills through classes, activities, and organized field trips. Learning takes place at all times, but we generally prefer to leave the lessons for our homes and leave the group time to explore our world together. Very unschooler-friendly.

Unschool Kansas
This group is for those in Kansas who are unschooling their kids or are exploring unschooling. This group is not limited to unschoolers yet the focus of support will be to help each other unschool or be better at unschooling. And hopefully connect with each other in real life!


Free Range Homeschoolers
This group is open to all individuals interested in homeschooling. The organizers are located near Louisville, Kentucky, so many group activities will be focused on that area (but are not limited to just Jefferson County). The premise of this group is community, compassion and support. No one is excluded because of schooling style, belief system, family style or age. All ages are welcome and encouraged, as we feel children learn from everyone, not just from their age group.


LA Unschoolers
This group was created to support and connect unschoolers in Louisiana. Please join us and use this list to make area unschooling connections! Share your families' unschooling stories, share and read cool unschooling articles and quotes, plan and attend field trips and get-togethers, and check out our unschooling books/website recommendations.

Wild Azaleas Unschoolers/Homeschoolers
The Wild Azalea group is a secular, inclusive support group that provides support and activities for homeschoolers and their families in the New Orleans area. The Wild Azaleas have been in existence for over 14 years. Very unschool-friendly.

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