Unschooling Support Groups A - F


Alabama Unschoolers
AU is an open, unmoderated, inclusive list for anyone in, near or moving to Alabama with an interest in homeschooling with unschooling leanings.




East Valley Homeschool
Thinking of or already homeschooling your children and live in the East Valley area of Phoenix, AZ (Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa or Tempe)? Then this is the group for you! A place to meet like-minded people in your own neighborhood to arrange playgroups and activities. Give or gain support and advice for non-religious based methods of homeschooling. Unschoolers are a plus!

North Phoenix Unschoolers
Do you unschool your children and live in the North Phoenix, Arizona area (Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Anthem, New River, Black Canyon City, Desert Hills)? Let's meet each other to get together and have fun!

Phoenix Unschoolers
A support group for unschoolers who wish to communicate with other like minded individuals. We are all over the entire Phoenix area, we have members in North Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Glendale, Goodyear and Desert Hills. We alternate meeting spots so that meetings are as convenient as possible for everyone.


Arkansas Unschoolers
This group is for people who live in Arkansas or nearby who use the "unschooling" philosophy to homeschooling their children. This group will be used to provide support to each other, make connections with each other and attempt to help provide answers to those who have question about unschooling.

Unschoolers of the Ozarks
This group is for radical unschoolers (and people who want to be) who live in Northwest Arkansas. This group is for getting together and doing cool stuff, learning things, making friends, and nothing else.


California Unschoolers
This group is for families in CA that are homeschooling their children in an unschooling fashion.

This list is for unschooling families in California. A place to meet and share ideas and thoughts with other unschooling families.

Support group for the San Fernando Valley. This inclusive group meets in Burbank every other Thursday. They have book clubs, activities, a monthly newsletter, a yearly talent show, and more. Contact: Marsha Lenox, (818) 787-7780.

Homeschooling in the Santa Clarita Valley Support Group (HS-SCV)
Email list for discussion of local topics and information on local events. Park day in Valencia.

Homespun Learning
This no-cost secular cooperative group is open to active homeschooling families living in or near Yolo County, California, including the cities of Davis, Dixon, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland and towns in the Capay Valley. Classical homeschoolers, deschoolers, and unschoolers (and those practicing any combination thereof) are welcome.

Humboldt Unschoolers
Share your homeschooling journey. Unschooling is a life-long learning adventure. Unschoolers learn from everything, so feel free to talk about anything and everything. Come share your stories, ask questions, philosophize. Find out what's going on in Humboldt County, and/or make things happen.

San Francisco Bay Unschooling Network
We are an on-line support group for unschoolers and homeschoolers interested in exploring an unschooling approach in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Santa Monica West LA Child Led Learners
We are unschoolers, progressive minded, alternative and eclectic HSers in the child led learner mode. This is a secular group. We meet at a park in Santa Monica on a regular basis or you can just hang out online where we can assist one another along our way.

Studio City Homeschoolers

Thousand Oaks Natural Learners
TONL is a secular homeschooling group in the Conejo Valley of southern California. Field Trips and Activities are for all ages. Our Mission: to explore the community, to learn for life as persons of all ages and to build knowledge and skills through the use of local area parks, community attractions such as zoos, libraries and museums and public service organizations (grocers, firehouses, etc.) in order to grow and thrive within the wider worlds.

Unschool San Diego
Unschool San Diego is designed to facilitate connections between unschooling families in the Greater San Diego area and surrounding communities. The general plan is to provide a place where local unschoolers can meet and get to know one another, arrange get-togethers and have a local unschooling support group.

Unschooling in CA
This is a group for unschoolers in CA to come together and talk to other unschoolers. make connections and form friendships.

West Valley Homeschooler of LA
Our goal for WVH is to provide our homeschooling families the opportunities for socialization, classes, fieldtrips and other homeschool group support services that are often difficult to obtain singly. We are a Secular group of Homeschooling Families who are Inclusive of All. Our aim is to bring a true sense of community and belonging to our members. We are concerned, active and reflective of the needs and values of our members. We are welcoming to anyone who is looking for a supportive, respectful, multicultural and creative homeschooling community.


BLUE SKIES: Boulder's Lifelong Unschooling Enthusiasts Simply Keeping Independent Education Special! We are a support group for those Unschooling, beginning to Unschool, or interested in the philosophy, in Boulder and Surrounding areas. All ages welcome! Toddlers to teens, and kids at heart. Friendships are important. Let’s get together and create a wonderful community of families, not only for our kids, but for ourselves as well.

Colorado Christian Unschoolers
A Colorado support group for Christians who use unschooling, delight-led, child led, spirit led, relaxed, delayed, and/or natural learning in their homeschool. Many of us are from Colorado Springs but all are welcome.

Colorado Springs Unschoolers
This is an email group for those who live in Colorado Springs, or areas near to Colorado Springs, who Unschool their children. We can discuss anything related to homeschooling/unschooling, we can talk about meeting one another and getting together once in awhile, we can talk about how we unschool, and we can also encourage one another.

Colorado Unschooling
An inclusive group geared towards unschooling in Colorado. An emphasis on child-led, hands on experiences.

Unschoolers in New Mexico and Southern Colorado can discuss life and the possibility of get-togethers.

Unschooling Radicals of the Front Range Elevating Education (UR-FREE)
The purposes of this group are to bring together and provide support for families interested in unschooling/freelearning in the Fort Collins and surrounding area.


New England Unschooling
Discussion and support group for unschoolers in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Tribe of Unschoolers in CT
A group for unschooling families living in CT to converse, meet up and do fun things together. If you want to actively participate in conversations and activities related to unschooling, this group is for you. This is not a group for lurkers or those wanting to learn the basics about unschooling.

Unschoolers Unlimited
We are an informal network of people who are learning to trust our own and our children's ability to choose the best ways to learn and grow.


DEunschoolers is a yahoo group for unschoolers in Delaware. It is a place to learn about unschooling, interact with fellow unschoolers and discuss unschooling questions, concerns and triumphs.


Florida Unschoolers
Florida Unschoolers is a private school established to serve the needs of homeschooling families in Florida. We do not charge tuition or fees but provide ONLY recordkeeping, attendance services and FLVS access. This list is for attendance reminders and administrative announcements only.

Florida Unschooling
This group was created to join other unschoolers in Florida.

Lake County Florida Unschoolers
If you are an unschooler or a really relaxed homeschooler and you live in or around Lake County Florida then this is the group for you.

Learning in Freedom Every Day (L.I.F.E.)
Northwest Florida Inclusive Secular Alternative Education Support. L.I.F.E. is an alternative education support group in Pensacola, Fl. Some of us are radical unschoolers, some just lean that way and some are more of the school at home variety. We're an all inclusive, eclectic group aimed at supporting the unschooling family. All are welcome regardless of religion or homeschool style, but keep in mind that activities will be run with unschooling philosophies.

Lower Keys Unschoolers
Lower Keys Unschoolers is a list for homeschoolers in the Lower Florida Keys to chat, find support, meet others and for those looking for information about homeschooling. The group is also a contact source for dates, events, field trips and meetings. This is an inclusive list and is made up for unschoolers, eclectic and relaxed homeschoolers.

Radical Unschoolers of Broward
Radical Unschoolers of Broward is a group of families who have applied the Unschooling philosophy to our whole lives. Anyone who lives in or around Broward County Florida and is interested in changing to a radical unschooling lifestyle is welcome.

Tampa Bay Unschoolers
We are homeschooling parents in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, who have chosen (or are thinking about choosing) the method of "Unschooling" as the philosophy that guides our children's homeschool experience. The purpose of this group is to support each other in this quest, share ideas, methods and possibly get together for children's fieldtrips and other activities.

Treasure Coast Funschoolers
Treasure Coast Funschoolers is an unschooling group in Palm Beach and Martin County, Florida. We get together on a regular basis to play, talk and just have fun.

Unlimited Learning
This group focuses on unschooling in Florida. Regardless of your extent of unschooling we believe in Unlimited Learning and providing a stimulating environment and the tools and desire to explore and learn.

Unschooling in Orlando
Are you unschooling in the Orlando area?? If so, then this is the group for you!!

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