Unschooling Resources: Paleontology / Dinosaurs


Bone Poems by Jeff Moss
Put out bythe American Museum of Natural History, this book of verse and illustrations is great fun for budding paleontologists! The poems are sometimes short, sometimes long, but always hilarious!

Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki
A simple, easy-to-read picture book about the search for dinosaur fossils and what it takes to remove them, move them around, analyze them, and reconstruct them. This is truly a great book - colorful, informative and interesting.

Dinosaur Dream by Dennis Nolan
Though fiction, this picture book is beautifully done and delves more deeply into the subject matter than most other fictional dino books. One night, a baby apatosaurus shows up at Wilbur's bedroom window. With lines like, "You need a name... I will call you Gideon, after Gideon Mantell. He discovered the first dinosaur fossil," and "Look, Gideon... a dawn horse from fifty million years ago! We're in the Age of Mammals at last!" readers are swept into the adventure as Wilbur and Gideon journey back to Gideon's home - the Jurassic period. Nolan's beautiful, detailed illustrations make this an inviting read for any child interested in dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs by Scholastic First Discovery Books
This series is writen for younger readers. Each book includes several clear, plstic pages that change the scenes when turned. Just the right size for smaller hands. A great series.

Dinosaur World by David Orme and Helen Bird
Created as a companion to the BBC / Discovery Channel series Walking with Dinosaurs, this book is made up of realistic images of dinosaurs on transparent pages with prehistoric backgrounds to create awesome dinosaur scenes. Lots of info here, as well.

Fossil Detective by Joyce Pope
A basic introduces to the field of paleontology. Includes chapters such as "What Is a Fossil?" "How to Look for Fossils," "Making a Fossil Collection," "What Fossils Can Tell Us," and "How to Be a Paleontologist." Lots of illustrations.


BBC's Prehistoric Life Pages
Games, quizzes, and lots of good info.

Strange Science

Unearthing T. rex (an interactive dinosaur dig)

Zoom Dinosaurs


Fossil Collection
You can start with anything you find!

Fossil Kits
Carefully dig out replica fossils buried in plaster. Great fun!

Hand tools and brushes for the aspiring paleontologist!

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