Unschooling Resources: Geology


Disaster Science by the editors of Klutz
Like all Klutz books, Disaster Science is exciting and packed with information. Volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, slides, floods, waves and "crashes" are all covered here in great detail. Includes tons of pictures (many before and after shots), engaging text, and simple explanations for everything from why mobile homes don't often survive tornadoes to how avalanches get started. Highly recommended!


Alaska Volcano Observatory

National Geographic Kids: Earthquake

National Geographic Kids: Volcano

Physical Geography.net
Interactive online physical geography textbook. Rather interesting, actually.

Seismic Monitor
"Allows you to monitor global earthquakes in near real-time, visit seismic stations around the world, and search the web for earthquake or region-related information." By the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS). Click on "About" to see what the site offers.

Virtual Cave
"From the comfort of your keyboard, browse the wonders of the underground!" Tons of wonderful photos!

Volcano Cameras and Seismographs from New Zealand

World Wind 1.3
A fully 3D interactive globe by NASA. Check out the features section for a good overview of what this free program offers.


Cardstock models including topographic land models, plate techtonics models, volcanoes and much more. Website has a few free downloadable models.

Topographic and geologic maps are great ways to learn about geology!

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