Unschooling Resources: Entomology


 Bugs in 3-D by Mark Blum
This is an amazing book with sturdy, built-in 3-D glasses to view each of the 44 "plates." Each plate shows a close-up photo of an insect, and when viewed with the glasses, the effect is thrilling! Also includes descriptions (though seemingly not written with children in mind). The best 3-D book I've encountered, this is highly recommended!

The Ladybug and Other Insects by Gallimard Jeunesse
This is a Scholastic First Discovery Book, with simple, beautiful illustrations. Includes several see-through plastic pages that, when turned, change the scene. Just the right size for smaller hands.


This incredible film has the amazing ability to keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch beetles tear at each other with their horns, mosquitoes hatch, ants rebuild their home. There is nothing else like it. Filmed in France, and using only minimal English narration, this movie is nothing short of phenomenal. Highly recommended.


Alien Empire
"This special multimedia Web companion to the three-week NATURE miniseries takes you into the bizarre, fascinating world of insects, with amazing graphics, sound and animation, enhanced video, and activities for kids."

New unschooling resource Spiderz Rule!
Spider photos and info. This is an amazing site! The pictures alone are worth a visit.

The University of Florida's Book of Insect Records
Want to find out about the insect with the shortest generation time? How about the one with the fastest wing beat or the greatest heat tolerance? This site isn't big on graphics, but does offer lots of great info!


Bug catcher/cage
Or even a jar with holes punched in the lid.

Butterfly net


for keeping track of what insects have been found and where, what they looked like, and other observations.

Magnifying Glass

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