Unschooling Resources: Botany


All About Seeds by Melvin Berger
An introductory book on seeds for young readers. With colorful illustrations and lots of simple experiments (giving seeds water (or sunlight or soil) vs. not giving seeds water (or sunlight or soil), etc.), this is a great book for little ones.

Field Guides
Indispensable for the budding botonist.

Fruit & Flowers by Scholastic First Discovery Books
These two books are writen for younger readers. They include several clear, plstic pages that change the scenes when turned. Just the right size for smaller hands. A great series.

Plants that Never Ever Bloom and The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller
These books both use rhyme to explore their topics. Lots of complex information is introduced very simply.


The Garden Game
"The joyful and inspiring board game about gardening for food and fun. Players feed the soil, plant seeds, nurture the plants, have harvest festivals, and help each other through natural disasters! Plant the largest garden and save the most seeds and you are the winner."


Pond Life Identification Kit
A wonderful, simple site.

Soil Concepts Coloring Book
This printable online coloring book is absolutely fabulous! Drawn like Striker's Anti-Coloring books, kids' imaginations will run wild! (post #793)

Wildflower Identification


For recording observations.

Magnifying glass


Plant presser
These can easily be made out of cardboard, blotter paper, plywood, and a few adjustable straps.

Pots, soil, seeds and other gardening materials



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