Unschooling Resources: Geometry


Archimedes Laboratory
Puzzles, optical illusions, games and much more - many focusing on geometrical concepts.

Einstein's Origami
Fun with paper folding! Great projects and games with easy-to-follow diagrams. Be sure to check out Origami Mathematics, as well. Also consider printing your own origami paper!

Geometry from the Land of the Incas
From the website: "Geometry Step-by-Step from the Land of the Incas provides an eclectic mix of sound, science, and Incan history in order to raise students' interest in Euclidean geometry. Visitors will find geometry problems, proofs, quizzes, puzzles, quotations, visual displays, 'scientific speculation', Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, the Quipu , the Lord of Sipan, Caral: the oldest civilization in the Americas, and more."

Remember making chewing gum wrapper rings? This is a simple example of the art of knotology, or folding strips of paper into 3D objects.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Native American Geometry
"Native American Geometry is a physical, proportional geometry that originates from the simple circle. A growing body of architectural and iconographic evidence from Native America suggests it was a relatively common tradition that has been practiced for at least two thousand years."

Origami and Math
"A folded model is both a piece of art and a geometric figure. Just unfold it and take a look! You will see a complex geometric pattern, even if the model you folded was a simple one." This expansive site on origami also includes much more for those interested in the art of paper folding.

Paper Models of Polyhedra
"Polyhedra are beautiful 3-D geometrical figures that have fascinated philosophers, mathematicians and artists for millennia. On this site are more than eighty paper models available for free."

Playing with Symetry
"Try turning your name into something extraordinary using our symmetry drawing tools. Enter the geometric world of rotations, inversions, and the art of symmetry."

Puzzle Parlour
These fit-all-the-pieces-together games can be challenging!

Rearranging the Furniture
"What is the largest shape that can move around a hallway corner? Mathematicians have been studying this puzzle since 1966, but they still don't have the answer. Maybe you can help them out."

Unlock the Secret of the Pythagorean Theorem
A multimedia Pythagorean Theorem exploration.


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