Unschooling Resources: Basic Math


Anno's Math Games Volumes 1, 2 & 3 by Mitsumasa Anno
These books are wonderful for young children, though older kids and adults often find them delightful, as well. They provide thought provoking puzzles and projects often emphasizing the idea of perspective.

The Book of Cards for Kids by Gail MacColl
Simple instructions for 35 card games.

  How Much is a Million? by David M. Schwartz
With Steven Kellogg's amusing illustrations, this book illustrates enormous numbers - a million, a billion, a trilllion!

If You Made a Million by David M. Schwartz
Shows how much a million dollars really is, how much it earns in interest, and how checks work.

Math Wizardry for Kids by Kenda Williams
If your child loves math games, puzzles and problems, this is the perfect book! Over 300 pages of cool math wizardry!

Murderous Maths by Kjartan Poskitt
Like the Horrible History series, the Murderous Maths series is actually quite a lot of fun. Lots of humor, cartoons, and general silliness. Very cool. And, don't forget the Murderous Maths website! (Posts #152-157)


Find out how an abacus works. Play around with an online abacus.

Cuisenaire Rods

See general math resources.



Slick, timed arithmetic drills.

Database of math tricks. Very cool!

Binary Numbers from NASA's Space Place
Learn how NASA's spacecrafts communicate using only 1's and 0's. Try your hand at deciphering binary code!

Combination Lock
Use clues to work out the combination to the lock.

CoolMath Fractions

Count Us In
These simple, delightful flash games are lots of fun for younger kids.

Curious Math
Math tricks and trivia

DiscoverySchool's PuzzleMaker

Egg Carton Fractions

IKnowThat.com (Post #13)

Interactive Math Dictionary for Kids

Joyful Math
Check out the categories listed on the right.

  Magic Squares
A magic square is a grid in which each square contains a number. All columns, rows and diagonals add up to the same sum. Learn about the history of magic squares, as well as about reflection, rotation and more! Create your own magic square!

Math Tricks and Tips

The Math Tutor
Email a math question

The MegaPenny Project
"What would a billion (or a trillion) pennies look like?" Starts with one penny and reaches one quintillion!

"Visit each building of Moneyopolis and show off your math and money skills. Every section you complete will earn Xerbie another part to fix his spaceship and help him get home."

Lots of Internet games.

Multiplying on Fingers
"It works for every multiplication from 6x6 to 10x10!"

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

  Russian Peasant Multiplication
Don't know your multiplication facts? No worry. Try Russian Peasant Multiplication!




Gear sets
These were popular a few years back and are still being sold. Usually colorful and kinda chunky, they illustrate the way gears work.

Legos, Legos and more Legos
And don't forget Bionicle, Technic, and other cool Lego categories!

Place Value Board

Tape meaures / rulers / yardsticks

Schoolhouse Rock: Multiplication Rock
"My Hero, Zero," "Three Is a Magic Number" and more. You can find these on cd/cassette or dvd/vhs.

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