Unschooling Resources: Algebra

Algebra in Simplest Terms
An Annenberg Media project at learner.org. These 26 half-hour online videos are free. "In this series, host Sol Garfunkel explains how algebra is used for solving real-world problems and clearly explains concepts that may baffle many students. Graphic illustrations and on-location examples help students connect mathematics to daily life. The series also has applications in geometry and calculus instruction." (post #478)

Common Algebra Mistakes
"Find the algebra mistakes in these examples and read plain language explanations so you can avoid making these same mistakes!"

CoolMath Algebra
"Bored with Algebra? Confused by Algebra? Hate Algebra? Yeah, we can fix that. Coolmath Algebra has hundreds of really easy to follow lessons and examples that will make you a successful algebra student."

Figure This!
A listing of the algebra-related problems in the Figure This! archive. These activities and brain teasers are ultra-cool and fun for the whole family.

Fun with Calendars
"Take any calendar. Tell your friend to choose 4 days that form a square like the four to the right. Your friend should tell you only the sum of the four days, and you can tell her what the four days are. H
ow does the puzzle work? You know how people always want to see a use for algebra? Well this puzzle uses algebra."

The Hot Tub
Users answer questions based on a given graph. Creative and great for discussion (and general silliness!). If you like this, check out more of Cynthia Lanius's fun math problems.

Interactive Algebra Activities
Lots of Java-based activities covering algebra and pre-algebra concepts.

Maze Game
"This (Java) activity allows the user to practice their point plotting skills by having them move a robot through a mine field to a target location." Pretty cool, really.

Mystery Operations
"In this activity the computer makes up a mystery operation, and you have to figure out what the operation is. You give the computer two numbers to calculate, and it tells you the answer. This is your first piece of evidence. Need another clue? Then gather more evidence."
It may take a moment for the answers to appear.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Show Me the Steps
"Practice solving linear equations with Show Me the Steps applets from StudyWorks.... Step by step problem solving lets you move backwards or forwards through the simplication and solving routines while learning good algebraic techniques and notation as you go."

Visualizing an Infinite Series
A great visual representation.


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