Unschooling Resources: World History


Billy Bones' Library
This site will give you a good idea of what books are out there, pirate-wise.

  The Cartoon History of the Universe, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 by Larry Gonick
This very highly recommended series starts at the beginning (the "Big Bang") and goes from there. It covers the world, and makes it easy to see connections between events many don't realize are connected. Because it's written like a comic book, it's extremely enjoyable for readers of all ages, from young children to adults! An amazing find!

Eyewitness Books: Mythology
Mythology is filled with detailed illustrations and striking photos of artifacts from around the world. The book is divided into categories like "Creation of the world," "Supreme Beings," "Superheroes," "Tricksters," "Mythical Beasts," "Death and the Underworld," etc.

History News: Explorers News (Candlewick Press)
Follow the world's most famous explorers as their adventures are reported in (fake) newspapers (very colorful).

History News: Medicine (Candlewick Press)
The history of medicine is presented in the form of newspapers written at the time. A cool series.

History News: Revolution (Candlewick Press)
This volume of History News reports from revolutions around the world.

Horrible Histories books by Terry Deary
This wonderful series is huge and filled with surprises. Very highly recommended!

Smelly Old History books
Supposedly a "scratch 'n' sniff series, these books take the awful smells of times gone by and expound on them.. Thank goodness the scratch 'n' sniff part doesn't work especially well! Check out the entire series!

The Usborne Book of World History
An enjoyable book that traverses the globe and spans thousands of years. Lots of illustrations and packed with info, this is a great book to have on hand.

The Usborne Time Traveler
This book combines the four Usborne Time Traveler books into one volume. Included are: Knights and Castles, Viking Raiders, Rome and Romans, and Pharaohs and Pyramids. Like the Usborne World History book, this is filled with colorful illustrations (though more cartoony) and lots of info.


Ancient Civilizations for Kids
A great collection of links ranging from China to Egypt to Gree to African Kush civilizations.

Animal Myths from Around the World

BBC History Games
From Egyptian pyramids to Viking quests to Victorian women's rights, these online games are unique and fun!

Best of History Websites

Kidpede - Europe, Asia and Africa Before 1500 AD
This expansive site is geared toward kids. The amount of info is just right and the language is simpler than many other history sites. Lots of great info on people's beliefs and ways of living. Unfortunately, the site includes many ads. If not for the ads, this would certainly be a starred site.


Masks by Christos Kondeatis
In book form with descriptions. These ten masks require glue and patience, but are truly splendid. Tutankhamun, a harlequin mask for Carnival, Medusa, a gargoyle, the Devil, a Chinese dragon, a mask from the Central African Ba Kete tribe, the Minotaur, an American Indian spirit mask, and a Kabuki character.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Masks
Five masks to "pop up, pull out, and put on." This book includes masks from Columbia, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Europe, and Japan.

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