Unschooling Resources: Ancient Greece and Rome


The Adventures of Ulysses by Anna Claybourne
This Usborne book is wonderful for somewhat older kids. The story is retold well, and the illustrations are somewhat dark, reflecting the drama and action of the scenes.

Eyewitness Books: Ancient Greece
This book is great for kids who want to see how the actual artifacts look - statues, tombs, jugs, clothing, temples, weaponry, and even food. This series is huge, with titles like Reptiles, North American Indian, Dinosaur, Knight, Castle, Archaeology, Car, Pyramid, and much, much more.

History News: The Greek News & History News: The Roman News (Candlewick Press)
Life in ancient Greece and Rome is presented in the form of a newspaper (very colorful) written at the time. A cool series.

Horrible Histories: The Groovy Greeks & Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans by Terry Deary
Like all Horrible Histories books, these are definitely worth a read, or ten! Funny, informative, and very enjoyable!

The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by Aliki
Simple stories of the main Greek gods, beginning with Gaea, Uranus and the Titans. Nicely illustrated.

Greece! Rome! Monsters! by John Harris
Calef Brown's illustrations make this book a must-have for all kids interested in mythological monsters. Colorful and full of whimsy, they can really make a kid smile! The text doesn't go into too much detail, but it's witty and cute, and makes for an enjoyable read, nonetheless. The minotaur, Cerebus, Cyclops, the Harpies, Sirens, unicorns, and lots more, this book is perfect for both young and old.

Greek Myths by Geraldine McCaughrean
If you're looking for a book of myths told in a story-like way with beautiful illustrations, find a copy of Greek Myths.

Greek Myths for Young Children by Marcia Williams
Several myths are told in comic book style. Each myth is four pages long, and the bright illustrations and cute characters are irresistable to kids. Nothing too detailed, and event he tragic scenes seem perky, so this is a great introduction to myths for the younger crowd. Be warned, though, Williams doesn't leave out the gory stuff!

Mythology by Edith Hamilton
The definitive book of myths. Great for older kids or for reference (the family trees in the back can be particularly helpful). Also includes a chapter of Norse myths, but this book's focus is really on Greek/Roman myths.

Myth-O-Mania series by Kate McMullan
This chapter book series takes the traditional Greek myths and plays around with them. Series includes Have a Hot Time, Hades; Phone Home, Persephone; Say Cheese, Medusa; Nice Shot, Cupid; Stop That Bull, Theseus; Keep a Lid on It, Pandora; Get to Work, Hercules and more.

Mythology Smart Junior: A Journey to the Land of Legend by Gary Arms
This book is touted to be a homework helper, of sorts, and is put out by The Princeton Review, but it's lots of fun. A group of kids travels to the land of Ancient Greek myths. A fun way to discover the myths, and a nice departure from the myths, themselves, for those who have read them again and again.

The Reader's Theatre of Mythology Plays by Henry Gilfond
Lots of simple plays based on the Greek myths, as well as plays based on Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Indian, and Babylonian myths.

Smelly Old History: Roman Aromas by Mary Dobson
Supposedly a "scratch 'n' sniff series, these books take the awful smells of times gone by and expound on them.. Thank goodness the scratch 'n' sniff part doesn't work especially well! Still lots of fun. Check out the entire series!

There's a Monster in the Alphabet by James Rumford
This retelling of the story of Cadmus, the legendary man who brought the alphabet to Greece, focuses on the alphabet, itself.

Top Ten Greek Legends by Terry Deary
Written in the style of Deary's Horrible Histories books, these retellings of the Greek myths are lots of fun!

The Traveler's Guide to Ancient Greece by Fiona MacDonald
Need a guide for your travels through Ancient Greek civilization? "Where to stay, what to eat, how to dress, and how to fit into Greek society." It's all here.

The Usborne Book of Greek and Norse Legends by Evans and Millard
Great, non-cutesy illustrations with a glossary of gods, heroes, monsters, etc. Packed with information!

Voyage of the Basset by James C. Christensen
This absolutely delightful book A professor, his daughters, and a crew of dwarves and gremlins journey through a world filled with monsters of myth - dryads, gryphons, trolls, dragons, unicorns, and more, including many monsters of Greek myth: Medusa, the Minotaur, Harpies, etc. The book uses the plays of Shakespeare, characters from ancient lands (Greece, Egypt, Europe), and gorgeous illustrations to create a journal akin to Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle. Not a great tool for learning the myths, but it's so much fun that even those unaquainted with Greek stories will love it. Highly recommended.

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Slave in Ancient Greece! by Fiona MacDonald
How terrible would life be if you were an Ancient Greek slave? Find out! With comic-like illustrations and hilarious text, this is a fun read!

Movies and Shows

Greek travel videos
These can often be found in the local library. Check also for archaeology videos and history videos. (post #730)

Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Greek Myths dvd
Amazingly done, but a little creepy every once in a while. These three shows are strangely realistic. Great for those with an interest in myths, but not recomended for sensitive children.


By Jove boardgame
"The game where you travel through the fascinating but dangerous world of classical mythology. Travel as a Mere Mortal or protected by a Legendary Hero. The whims of the Gods can make your journey perilous ... or help you. Consult the all-knowing Oracle for fun & profit. Go to war for Helen of Troy. Laze around in the Land of the Lotus-Eaters. Your biggest challenge will be battling foes like the snake-headed Medusa. To win, collect gold coins, help Jason search for the Golden Fleece, and make your way safely through the labyrinth maze. Includes 56-page By Jove Stories book of Mythology Tales." Though the ratings on Board Game Geek aren't all that great, the game is definitely enjoyable for those who love Greek/Roman myths and like the Monopoly style. Fairly easy to find via ebay and thrift stores/garage sales.

Mythmatical Battles
Mythmatical Battles is a dueling card game for two players or two teams. It blends mythology and multiplication to create an innovative game which lets kids drill multiplication while engaging in epic mythological battles. Each player uses his own Mythmatical Battles Deck, with 55 cards featuring gods, heroes, and monsters from Greek, Celtic, Norse, or Egyptian mythology. (post #55)


BBC Schools site on Ancient Greece

BBC Schools site on Ancient Rome

Encyclopedia Mythica


Want to discuss mythology with someone? Anyone? Check out the discussion forums.


Winged Sandals (wonderful, wonderful, wonderful)


Greek Food
Try out your local Greek Restaurant! Hummus, tabouli, falafel, dolmas and more! (post #724)

Greek Music and Dance
A great website to get you started is Greek Folk Music and Dance where you can read about traditional instruments, costumes and dances, buy cds and books and learn about the author's Greek band. Also, find out whether there are any Greek festivals taking place near you! (post #730)

Jim Weiss's Greek Myth CDs
Storyteller Jim Weiss has several cds based in Greek myth and legend. His thoughtful retellings of classic tales, legends and more are a favorite of homeschoolers everywhere. Check out the soundclips available at the website. (post #725)

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