Unschooling Resources: Archaeology



The Archaeology Channel
"Explore the human cultural heritage through streaming media. Travel through time and feel the thrill of discovery. Examine the wonderful diversity of the human experience!" Wow - this truly is a find for budding archaeologists! Tons of short videos about everything from Egypt to Greece to Turkey to the United States - and much more! Just click on the "Videos" tab at the top to get started. Also includes links to resources, archaeological news, and audio clips.


Archaeology Magazine
A long-running, bi-monthly magazine of archaeology. Lots of free content on the website, such as Interactive Digs, which includes Q&A's with the archaeologists, discussion boards, field notes, and more. You can even help identify mystery objects!

- The archaeology magazine for kids

From the Dig website: "Dig magazine is published by Cobblestone Publishing Company, a division of the Cricket Magazine Group, in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute of America. Dig brings the excitement, mystery, wonder, and fun of archaeology, paleontology, and earth sciences to children...." Also, check out Ask Dr. Dig, where Dr. Joyce Tyldesley, a well-known Egyptologist, will answer your archaeology-related questions, and don't forget the fabulous links section!


The National Park Service Archaeology Program
Online exhibits, resources, and information on how to join a dig! In some states, you can even become a certified amateur archaeologist!

Hand tools and brushes for the aspiring archaeologist!

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