Unschooling Resources: Websites

African American Unschooling
A resource for African-American Homeschoolers with an Africentric approach to learning all the time.

Alison McKee
Includes some of Alison's articles, frequently asked unschooling questions, and more.

American Homeschool Association
Created to network homeschoolers on a national level and sponsored in part by the publishers of Home Education Magazine.

American Homeschool Association Blog
Homeschooling news, resources, support groups, and lists of other home/unschooling blogs.

A to Z's Home's Cool (Unschooling)
This section of Ann Zeise's expansive homeschooling site focuses on all things unschooling. Articles, websites etc. (see the list on the left for lots of links). Make sure to visit the many other sections of her site, as well. You never know what you might find!

Best Homeschooling
"The best advice of seasoned homeschoolers and other educators..." This expansive, unschooler-friendly site is filled with articles, resources and links for homeschoolers. Enjoy articles by David Albert, Alfie Kohn, Patrick Farenga, Helen Hegener and many others.

Laurie Couture's incredible site covers an array of child-related topics, including corporal punishment, gentle parenting and detrimental schooling. Of particular interest to unschoolers is the article Detrimental Schooling: How Traditional Education Harms Children & Society, and the Youth Rights and Support section of the site, which includes information on homeschooling yourself, creating a democratic school, and starting a business, a students' bill of rights, links to kids' rights organizations, and much more. An extraordinary resource!

Edu-speak, the Dictionary
A glossary of "educationese" for those who live in states that require them to report to officials.

FUN Books
A great on-line bookstore owned and run by unschoolers. Look for back issues of Growing Without Schooling here.

Grace Llewellyn
Author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook and others, and founder of the Not Back to School Camp.

H.E.A.R.T.S. (Homeschoolers Educating, Assisting, & Reaching-out Through Service)
Community service projects designed for participation by entire families, including community service by children of all ages.

Homeschooling is Legal
Are you considering joining Homeschool Legal Defense Association? If so, this page may prove enlightening. Note: HSLDA requires members to use "an organized curriculum and a clearly recognizable program of education," and is therefore not a good choice for most unschoolers.

How to Unschool College
Heather Martin truly unschooled college. Read about how she created her own university, what she "studied," and how you can do the same. This is an inspiring site by an inspiring woman.

John Holt and Growing Without Schooling
Information on Holt, his writings, GWS, and some of the people involved with the magazine.

John Taylor Gatto
The author of Dumbing Us Down and The Underground History of American Education. Lots of good reading material here. Also, for a collection of links to JTG's writings on the Internet, check out The Preservation Institute.

Joyful Living and Unschooling
Radical unschooling (joyful living) site comprised of Joyce Fetteroll's responses to questions about unschooling and parenting on unschooling lists and message boards.

Learn in Freedom
Includes Colleges that Admit Homeschoolers FAQ, book reviews, articles and more.

My Life as an Unschooler
A collection of Rebecca Auerbach's writings about growing up as an unschooler. Absolutely wonderful!

The Natural Child Project
Articles on learning from The Natural Child Project. Don't forget to explore the rest of this wonderful natural parenting site, including Jan Hunt's telephone counseling. Jan is a wonderful person and very easy to talk with.

Raising Small Souls
This video about an "animal school" is beautiful, sad, and hopeful, all at once.

Sandra Dodd
An expansive site on radical unschooling. Includes tons of articles on everything from learning to read to the college question.

Suite101 Free Course: Homeschooling the Unschooling Way by Sara McGrath

Unschooling Adventures
Nanda van Gestel's website resembles a blog about her children's unschooling. With articles about such topics as typical unschooling days, boredom, children's strong personalities, and freedom and respect, there's a lot here to digest.

New! Unschooling America with Dayna Martin
Dayna offers a series of YouTube videos on unschooling. Great for beginners - especially those who learn best by listening to someone "teach." Dayna is very personable and well-spoken, and this series of videos is stellar. Also offered is radical unschooling phone mentoring.

Unschoolers Unlimited
Includes several articles written by unschooling advocates Luz Shosie and Ned Vare, as well as general unschooling resources and information specific to Connecticut unschoolers.

Currently undergoing renovations, though many links now work. Check out their online issues of John Holt's magazine Growing Without Schooling!

The Winona Farm
A Minnesota farm that welcomes unschoolers. Includes links to articles written by the owners.



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