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Remember, not every list will fit your needs. Search for a list where you feel comfortable. Also, many lists that are not specifically designated for unschoolers may be filled with unschoolers! For a great perspective on list-joining, check out this article.

Unschooling Discussion Groups / Email Lists

African American Unschoolers
African American Unschoolers is for African-American Moms (and Dads!) who use the whole world as their child(ren)'s classroom.

Always Unschooled
A space in which radical unschooling can be seriously discussed as it applies to young children.

Crunchy Unschoolers
A list for unschoolers who are interested in moving towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Dedicated to the discussion of unschooling. Sponsored by Home Education Magazine.

Mathing Off
A list about unschooling math, deschooling math, deprogramming math anxiety, and just plain having fun with math!
This list is dedicated to exploring how math can be learned without "school", without canned curricula, without lesson plans, without artifically dividing it up into grade levels and testing and drilling it to death; and how math is naturally all around us and how children (and adults too!) are doing math all the time, whether they realize it or not. LOL!

Quaker Homeschooling Circle
"A list for Quakers and fellow seekers who either homeschool their children or are interested in homeschooling and other alternative approaches to education." Low volume, inspiring discussions. Very unschooler-friendly.

Radical Christian Unschoolers
On this list there will be no talk of curriculum, partial enrollment, spanking, chore charts, punitive coercion, arbitrary limitations, forced respect, or anything else that doesn't jive with radical unschooling. This list is for discussing radical unschooling by people who already "get it" and want to connect with other radically unschooling Christian families.

New! Radical Unschooling
A discussion and support group for radical or whole-life unschoolers with a focus on using the Law of Attraction. The group also promotes offering support and encouragement to others while discussing radical or whole-life unschooling.
A new group that has started out strong.

RUL (Radical Unschooling List)
Offers support, information, perspective, and enlightenment to anyone already unschooling or interested in unschooling.

Rural Unschoolers
Unschooling discussion list for unschoolers living in a rural area or thinking (or dreaming) about moving to a rural area. If you have to drive to the city to find other unschoolers, this group is for you. Urban dwellers are welcome, too.

Shine With Unschooling
This list is a forum for those either radically unschooling or learning how to radically unschool to discuss our Shining children (Highly Sensitive, Out of Sync, Asperger’s traits, Explosive) and all the glorious and challenging issues that accompany life with them. High volume list.

Unschool Grads
A mailing list for former home/unschoolers of any philosophical persuasion. Currently quiet, there are a few dozen members. Try starting up a conversation!

Unschooling Around the World
Would members of your unschooling family get a kick out of sending and receiving postcards from other unschooling families around the world?! That is the purpose of this group -- to unite unschooling families from across the globe through tangible tokens of Joy delivered right to the mailbox! There is no need to debate whether or not a post fits into the unschooling lifestyle here. This is a relaxed group of unschoolers focusing on inclusion and fun.

Unschooling Basics
A list designed for those new to the philosophy of radical unschooling.

Unschooling Discussion
The purpose of this list is to move out of our own comfort zones as we critically examine our beliefs, ideas, and viewpoints about learning, and seek a deeper understanding of unschooling and more respectful relationships with our children. The list is intended for discussion of radical unschooling rather than support. NOTE: This list has recently moved from Yahoo! Groups to Google Groups.

This discussion list is the companion communications forum for the Unschooling.com website.

Unschooling Families on the Road
Unschooling Families on the Road is for families that work/live/play/learn while on the road. Why have textbooks and curriculum when the whole world can be your classroom?

Unschooling Gamers
Unschooling families recognize and honor the value of video gaming in our lives. Not only entertainment value, but real learning value. Real learning in doing something that we love to do. That's unschooling in action!
This group is for unschooling gamers of all ages to connect and chat and share tips and tricks and otherwise meet and have fun!

The Unschooling List
The longest running unschooling discussion list. High volume, very casual.

Unschooling Resources
Here's a place to share the amazing resources your family has found and to discover even more ways to feed your children's passions! Games (of all sorts), books, science equipment, websites, television shows, art supplies, toys, movies, math manipulatives, magazines, etc.... LOTS of etc! Sponsored by Live Free Learn Free.

Unschooling Boards

iVillage Unschooling Board
"Whether you're a seasoned unschooler, are using an eclectic approach with some elements of unschooling, or are just beginning to explore the variety of homeschooling approaches, you'll find plenty of friendly discussion and support here."

Mothering.com: Learning at Home and Beyond
Very unschooler-friendly. A non-cliquish, extremely friendly environment makes this a great place for those who may be a bit shy about posting.

Radical unschooling message boards run by Pam Sorooshian.

Veg Source Unschooling Board
For experienced unschoolers and those interested in learning more about unschooling.

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