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A delightfully cool science game created by homeschoolers.
"Players can build compounds from individual atoms and gain power, or they can split compounds apart to use the individual atomic components. Based on simple gaming principles, Atom Smash™ takes one game to learn...but a lifetime to master."

SET Card Game
SET is a card game in which the object is to accumulate sets of cards. Each card has a picture of one, two or three objects. The object(s) are purple, green or red; they are solid, open or lined; and they are ovals, squiggles or diamonds. A set consits of three cards in which each of these four elements (number, color, fill and shape) is either all the same or all different. Don’t worry – it sounds more difficult than it is. After a few rounds, players begin to see the patterns naturally. Read the rest of our review of SET in LFLF Issue 14. Also, check out Mark Pervovskiy’s Logical Games site where you can play both SET and Blitz SET – a shorter version of the game.


Bingo Card Generator

Hand Shadows

Sudoku for Kids (post #542)


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