Unschooling Resources: Board Games

There are SO many board games out there. For reviews of more board games, check out the other categories (math, language arts, geography, etc).

Board Game Geek
An extensive database with "reviews, articles, ratings, images, play-aids, and session reports from board game geeks across the world, as well as a live discussion forum. In addition - every day - nearly a hundred game trades pass through the hands of registered members, as well as transactions in the marketplace." You can find information on just about any board game here, and you can search or browse by category (political, trivia, puzzle, adventure, pirates, etc.).

Educational Learning Games
This website offers hundreds of games you won't find in stores. Interested in the Oval Office, oceanology, black history, or becoming a lawyer? Discover board games for almost any interest!

Games Quarterly Magazine
This free pdf issue of Games Quarterly lists and reviews "educational" games. Some of these look interesting and engaging. Games are for many different levels and focus on various topics: space, dinosaurs, biology, environment, politics, math, language arts, etc. Don't forget to look at the game advertisements, as well.

The Amazing Labyrinth and Junior Labyrinth by Ravensburger
Players move along ever-shifting paths to collect objects such as spell books, dragons, ghosts,
 swords, etc. Beautiful and well made, like all Ravensburger games. (Posts #4, #28, and #257)

Apples to Apples
A fun way to learn about nouns and adjectives. Heck, a fun game in its own right! Check out the link for an flash demonstration of how the game works. Family fun at its most outrageous! (post #1361)

ChessKIDS Academy
Online chess tutorials and quizzes for kids!

CountDown by Cadaco
Players add, subtract, multiply and divide dice rolls in order to turn over each of their number tiles. Easily configurable for players of all levels.

The Garden Game
"The joyful and inspiring board game about gardening for food and fun. Players feed the soil, plant seeds, nurture the plants, have harvest festivals, and help each other through natural disasters! Plant the largest garden and save the most seeds and you are the winner."

Rush Hour
A sliding block puzzle in which "your goal is to drive your red car out of the playing grid and escape to freedom… To do so, set up the traffic on a game grid to match one of 40 playing cards, then shift all blocking cars and trucks out of your way, and you win!" Check out the online version, as well! (post #260)

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