Unschooling Resources: Music

Real instruments make all the difference. Sure, any kid can get sound from a tambourine or a plastic, bean-filled egg, but real instruments offer children the ability to actually express themselves through music. Pick up instruments of all sorts at thrift stores, garage sales and eBay, and don't forget to ask friends and family. Then, invest in instrument stands so it's easy to play when the inspiration strikes.

What sort of tunes move your family? Dive into music in all its forms - from blues to rock to classical to rap and to traditional and popular forms from around the world!

Lark in the Morning
Lark in the Morning claims to have “the world’s largest selection of ethnic musical instruments,” and I have a hunch they’re right. From European hurdy gurdies and Australian didgeridoos to African thumb pianos and Japanese flutes, there’s something for almost every musical (and geographical!) interest. Some of the instruments are quite affordable (such as the thumb piano), while others are investments (such as Castagnari’s beautiful button accordions). A word of caution, however: be prepared to spend a lot of time on this site!
You can read our full review of Lark in the Morning in issue 14 of Live Free Learn Free.


Mysterious Thelonious by Chris Raschka
A small book about Thelonious Monk. The text is written like musical notes, and the illustrations are colorful and animated. A gem!

The Story of Music by Nicholas Ingman
This book was published in 1972, but may be worth searching out if a child has an interest in music history. Lots of illustrations and photos. And, by the time you get to the chapter on pop music, you can see a picture of The Moog Synthesiser, "one of the most advanced electronic instruments." Little did they know....


"Musopoly turns learning music theory and reading into a creative, fun board game. Students work together, not against each other, and everybody wins!"

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