Table of Contents

Crafts from the Heart
by Elizabeth Roberts
Crafts without stickers, markers or glitter? These crafts "came from the hearts of two wonderful children, and from their lives - things they touch and taste and use."

Reading Without "Teaching"
by Amber Sparks
A mother describes the evolution of her unschooled daughter's reading and recalls her brother's reading journey in the public school system, as well.

SPOTLIGHT: Ned Vare and Luz Shosie, Unschoolers Unlimited
by Ned Vare

From the book Smarting Us Up: The Undumbing of America, Ned Vare discusses educational choice, American freedoms, homeschooling laws, and his family's journey to unschooling.

Destruction Instruction
by Amy Bowers
"As parents, I think, we are often pleased when our children use items in an unorthodox way - a wooden block for a piece of pie or a cushion for a boat - but how encouraging are we when our young children use something in a manner that seems destructive to our 'schooled' sensibilities?"

Letting Go
by Julie Persons
A small girl teaches her mother how to let go.

DELVING IN: 20 Things to Do with Photographs
by Shana Ronayne Hickman
"From disposables to 35 mm cameras to digitals, kids have lots of options - and also end up with lots of pictures! What can they do with them all? Well, here are some ideas."

Visiting the Manzanar Relocation Camp
by Matthew Yori
Unschooled twelve-year-old Matthew presents a collection of photographs and descriptions from his visit to this WWII Japanese relocation camp.

Building Without Blocks
by Laurie Goodman
"Everyday that our family unschools is another day that the blocks of structure, rules and expectations around us get knocked down."


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