Table of Contents

Living History
by Heather Woodward
A family visits a reenactment camp in Pennsylvania.

Thoughts on Unschooling
by Tracy Million Simmons
"Unschooling is all about becoming. Whether you are just beginning or have not thought of education in terms of school in years - embrace the change, embrace your children, and make it all about living life."

SPOTLIGHT: Marrianne Carruth, Adventure Youth Group, Costa Rica Environmental Service Trips
by Marrianne Carruth

Marrianne and her husband lead groups of teens into the rainforests of Costa Rica. In this issue, she shares her experiences with readers.

Saying Yes
by Julie Persons
Why not answer our children with, "Yes"? What are we afraid of?

Typical Days (Excerpted from Parenting a Free Child: An Unschooled Life)
by Rue Kream
A week in the life of an unschooling family.

Everything is Possible
by Samantha Stopple
"Everything is possible with unschooling."

A Life of Love and Learning
by Tammy Takahashi
What does life learning look like from day to day? Here's a glimpse into one family's life.

DELVING IN: How to Make a Plains Indian Headdress
by Kim Langlais
Gather some feathers and try your hand at this authentic Plains Indian war bonnet!

Haunted House
by Victoria Patrick
This creepy and wonderful poem from an unschooled ten-year-old is lots of fun!

Dear Santa
by Kris Bordessa
A homeschooling mom's humorous Christmas wish list.


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