Issue Seven (September/October 2005)

Not Back to School

Unschooling with Live Free Learn Free - Issue Seven

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Table of Contents

The Joy of Not Back to School
by Heather Woodward
A family lists the top ten reasons they love homeschooling.

Unschooling Supplies
by Mary Jacobs
Wandering the school supply aisles can be an enlightening experience.

Why Unschooling is Cool
by Kenzie Logan Hickman

An unschooler tells about his days reading, drawing, visiting museums, playing outside, feeding his animals, heading to the library, and more.

Instead of School
Photos of unschoolers
What have unschoolers been up to? Plenty!

Let Them Get Board: Board Games for Kids
by SC Torrington
A tour de force of board games, old and new. Remerber Mousetrap? Or perhaps Cranium or Monopoly is your cup of tea. And what about Settlers of Catan, Loot and Ticket to Ride? Find out about them here!.

He Was Labeled Retarded
by Sharon Miller
When their son is labeled "severely mentally retarded" by developmental specialists, his parents decide to bring him home and focus on him as a person.

Home (Centered) Work
by Marjorie Sangster Rolleston
Three families establish "alternative work paths that allow them to spend time with their children." From retiring early to moving to the country, these families are making the most of the homeschooling years.

by Shana Ronayne Hickman
How birdwatching became a family hobby.

Life in the Suburbs to Life on the Farm
by Erika Schron
An unschooling family moves to ten acres in the deserts of California and raises chickens, goats and more.

Jayn's Dentist Saga
by Robyn Coburn
A mother struggles to find a dentist who respects children and with whom her daughter feels comfortable. What she learns along the way is priceless.


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