Table of Contents

Learning with Dinosaurs
by Amy Kagey
A boy's passion illustrates the joys of learning without school.

First Year Lessons
by Dawn Davis
Discovering that patience is an important part of unschooling.

What About Math?
by Christy O'Neal

A number chart hung unobtrusively inspires Logan to make math a part of his imaginative play.

Comics for the Younger Crowd
by Shana Ronayne Hickman
How to find comics made with kids in mind, why comics may help beginning or struggling readers feel more comfortable, and what it takes to become a cartoonist or comic artist.

Our First Year: Are We Having Too Much Fun?
by Katrina Bianchi
A mother discovers she and her daughter are unschoolers at heart.

My Children's Friendships in the Unschooling World
by Rachel Johnson
Unschooling friends take a weekend trip together.

Inside a Rethinking Education Concerence: The Unschooling Family's Dream Weekend
by Barb Lundgren
Why every unschooler should consider attending an unschooling conference, how the Rethinking Education Conference began, and a peek at the faces behind the scenes.

Unschooling Myself
by Elizabeth Roberts
When Sarah wants to return to school, her mother finds support within the family.

Joining Together for Learning: Creating a Cooperative Learning Center
by Katharine Houk
Katharine Houk, author of Creating a Cooperative Learning Center: An Idea-Book for Families, discusses how The Alternative Learning Center began and why it has been so successful.

Online Support for Today's Homeschooler
by Tammy Takahashi
Why are so many homeschoolers finding support through Internet e-lists? The author describes her own experience with online support.


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