Issue Five (May/June 2005)

Reading Without Schedules: Kids Learn When the Time Is Right

Unschooling with Live Free Learn Free - Issue Five

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Table of Contents

Camping Out With Other Unschoolers
by Rachel Johnson
A mother reflects on a weekend spent with unschoolers, parents, and Mother Nature.

Music Makers
by Shana Ronayne Hickman
Why real instruments make all the difference, and how to foster a child's interest in music.

Learning by Living
by Dana Laquidara
A mother explains her children's path to unschooling and details how they spend their days.

What I Have Learned on This Journey
by Connie Colten
A chapter from Connie's self-published book in which she reflects on her many years as an unschooling parent.

How Alex Learned to Read
by Cheryl Carroll
A mother details her son's relationship with reading from age two through age eight.

The View From the Other Side
by Anne E. Ohman
"I know for certain, from observing (my son) and knowing him, that his mind is not yet ready to read because it is already so busy, so full, so active."

Reading: One of Many Accomplishments
by Jill Todd
A girl learns to read when she is ready, just as she has learned to do other things.

Three Readers
by Sandra Dodd
The author chronicles the reading lives of her three children.

Unschooling the Early Reader – What's the Problem?
by Jessica Hunt
Ella learned to read early, but her mother had difficulty trusting her to choose her own books.

The Power of Patience
by Roxanne Reed
A family waits for Samuel to begin reading.


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