Issue Four (March/April 2005)

Unschoolers and Technology: Families Describe What Works for Them

Unschooling with Live Free Learn Free - Issue Four

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Table of Contents

A Richer Life
by Dan Vilter
Using television, video games, and computers to broaden horizons and enrich the unschooling lifestyle.

One Computer, Two Computer... More!
by Elizabeth Roberts
While watching her children learn and grow, a mother continues her education online.

Pulling the Plug on TV
by Laura McDonald
A family's growth into a TV-free household.

The Video Game Gene
by Tammy Takahashi
Finding family joy in video games.

A Boy and His Computer
by Anna Ellinger
Parents have mixed feelings about the center of their son's attention.

TV-Free Family for a Week
by Rachel and Lexi Johnson
One week, no TV. A mother and daughter share their thoughts.

On Earning Promotions
by Kimberly Olson
"Lately I have discovered that my most valued promotions have come from my children."

Our Journey to Unschooling
by Patrice London
After school fails her daughter, a mother discovers unschooling.

On the Voyage
by Sharissa Schwenke
The joys of unschooling.

Park Poems
a series of poems by Lexi Johnson

Unschooling the High Need Child
by Danielle E. Conger
Unschooling and gentle parenting choices can promote harmony in homes with high needs children.

Excuse Me?
a poem by Taylor Sheuerman


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