Issue Five (May/June 2005)

World Awareness Through Unschooling
Humble Beginnings: The Road to Unschooling

Unschooling with Live Free Learn Free - Issue Three

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Table of Contents

I Love My Job
by Anne E. Ohman
A child follows his desire to help others, enriching their lives, as well as his own.

Opportunity is the Key to Raising Socially Responsible Kids
by Kristianna Baird
The evolution of one girl's commitment to the environment.

Dallen and the Rainforest
by Pam Genant
A young unschooling activist makes a difference.

Living Outside the Box
by Michelle Maggiore
A family's focus on preserving wetlands leads them to unschooling.

Home Learning Expensive? Naaaah!
by Avivah Werner
"We need to be aware of the underlying assumption in our society that spending more equals giving more."

Learning to Write
by Christy O'Neal
A mother compares the experiences of three boys who are learning to write.

Support Groups
by Tina Borek
Tips on starting your own inclusive support group.

by Heather Woodward
A cat? An engineer? A safari on a rainy day? All you need are a few everyday inspirations!

Elf and the Search for Religion
by Shana Ronayne Hickman
An unschooled boy relies on his own brand of faith when tragedy occurs.

To: My Little Brother Noly
a poem by Cheyenne Elizabeth Smith

Spring Thaw: How Our Homeschooling Melted Into Unschooling
by Susan McGlohn
A family's progression from school-at-home to unschooling.

Berek's Journey
by Anna Ellinger
A mother evaluates the changes in her teenage son and in herself when their family leaves school behind.

The First Day of Kinda-Organized Playing
by Rebecca Angel Maxwell
It's the first official day of homeschooling. Time for a party!


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