Issue Two (October/November 2004)

Learning Through Living
Finding the Way: Later Learners as Individuals

Unschooling with Live Free Learn Free - Issue Two

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Table of Contents

Amateur Theatricals
by Heather Henderson
"Suddenly, a great idea was born. Why not stage our very own performance of The Nutcracker?"

Culture, Tradition, and a Grandfather's Death
by Lisette BC Abbott
During Dia de los Muertos, a young boy and his mother celebrate the life of his grandfather.

Learning by Accident
by Tammy Takahashi
How does unschooling work? A mother writes about her children's natural curiosity.

Homeschooling - Fostering Nature Through Interest-Led Learning
by Kristianna Baird
A girl leaves school to learn what's most important to her.

Does Quitting Have to Be Final?
by Susal McGlohn
The case for quitting.

A Day in the Life of an Unschooler
by Pam Genant
A mother describes a day in her family's life.

Underwater Whales
Acrylic by Athena Williams

Forced to Write
a poem by Brittney L. Owens

Freedom to Write
by Christina McCabe
A homeschooled teen discusses her love of writing and gives tips to other writers.

Standardized Testing Traps: Ideas for Minimizing the Effects of Tests on Students
by Ann Lahrson Fisher
A homeschooling parent who has administered tests to both schooled and nonschooled children offers suggestions on how, gently, to prepare world learners for unnatural testing situations.

Emily's Eyes: The Disability I Didn't See
by Alison M. Palmer

Could there be a physical reason behind Emily's inability to read?

Peeling Back the Layers
by Jennifer McGrail
A mother removes her son from speech and occupational therapy.


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