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Learning Together: Mixing Unschooling and University
by Rebecca Ellis
"My university studies not only enrich my own life but also enrich the lives of my children. We learn together and are able to share our intellectual passions with each other.'"

by Mary Thomas Draper
"No money was spent, no additional consumption made. A child was getting his needs met by being with his mom and having his desire honored. Abundance can come from within."

It's Amazing What Some Cardboard and Tape Can Do
by Amy Hood

"For well over a year, Vaughan had been asking for a play cash register. I see the educational value in having one, but I hate the plastic ones that look so junky, and the nice-looking wooden ones are so expensive. Now, we have a carefully constructed cardboard register that cost practically nothing."

Letting the Bus Go By
by Elizabeth Roberts
"Megan Rose would be considered a special needs child by the school system. The thought of placing Megan Rose on a bus, alone or even with her siblings had they been headed to the nearby elementary school, still gives me a breathless, cold feeling in my chest. She’s young. She wouldn’t understand. She would be alone.'"

Pressure and Unschooling
by Sharon Miller
"We belong to an informal group of homeschooling families in our small town.  None of the families will admit to “unschooling.”  There is pressure to adhere to some curriculum so that when asked by outsiders, “What do you do for school?” we have a concrete answer – a definitive plan to point to."

Homeschoolers and "Multiple Intelligences"
by Karen Ridd
Gardner's theory of "Multiple Intelligences" is presented as another way that learning outside of school may be more meaningful to children - especially those who aren't verbal/linguistic or logical/mathematical learners.

Why I'm an Unschooling Mom
by Jan Zeiger
"Just five years ago, I was a classroom teacher who didn’t see the value of homeschooling. Look how far I’ve come; now I’m an unschooling mom!"

Unschooling Parents: Turning More than Just Educational Philosophy on its Head
by Laurie Goodman
"Once we realize how school systems have manipulated our learning styles, value systems, views on competition, hierarchy, ‘class’ divisions, socialization and sense of self-worth, we ask ourselves, what other aspects of life have we merely accepted as normal? This creates a chain reaction of new learning."

DELVING IN: The World of Pen Pals
      Are We Really Missing Out? by Anna Richardson
So, Where Do I Find a Pen Friend? by Shana Ronayne Hickman

Reviews of unschooling resources.


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