Table of Contents

Jesse's Story
by Sue Whitson
Jesse was "a Mozart at farming," and homeschooling allowed him to follow his passions.

An Unschool Conversation
by Elizabeth Klein
"How do you handle all of them? How do you keep track of their entire curriculum? How do you check up an all their work? How do you help all of them? He truly was fascinated and confused. My answers seemed to confuse him more, and I could tell that this discussion was going to take a while. Luckily, I had the time."

My Son, the Math Genius
by Name Withheld

"Although he didn’t know how many 5 was, Andrew was more aware of numbers than anybody I knew."

Those Perfect Unschoolers
by Shana Ronayne Hickman
"It’s enough to scare just about anyone – even those of us who have been unschooling for years. I can’t imagine how many people have simply turned around and proclaimed, 'I can’t do it. I can’t unschool.'"

Dear Friends and Family
by Rachel Johnson
An unschooling mother writes a letter to those who doubt unschooling.

Be Realistic!
by Kathryn Baptista
"Julian wants to be a rock star. The experienced, true-believer unschoolers are now all thinking, “That’s wonderful!” Others are telling their partners, 'See, I told you that’s what comes from this unschooling! He should be applying to law school!'"

DELVING IN: Treasure Hunting - The Art of Letterboxing
by Jen Lynch
"Unschooling is nothing if not an adventure! Each day can be full of mystery, surprises and discoveries – much like a treasure hunt! Welcome to the wonderful world of Letterboxing!"

A poem by Caroline Martin

A poem by Victoria Patrick

Favorite Fascinations
Reviews of unschooling resources.

The Read-Aloud Crowd
by Bev Parker
"It’s another read-aloud gather-round. I’m listening from another room as my husband reads to our younger two children. I peek around the corner, and there our older son has joined the party, even though he’s already read this book twice."


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