Table of Contents

Exploring the Slow Lane
by Deb Baker
A family slows down and enjoys the benefits of exploring the world at their own pace.

Nurturing Children's Natural Love of Learning
by Jan Hunt
Jan Hunt of The Natural Child Project outlines several principles of organic learning.

My Six-Year-Old's Math Problem
by Rebecca Trotter

A mother examines the workbook her son uses and considers the uses of math in his everyday life.

DELVING IN: A Cache of Learning
by Susan Martin
A family's geocaching experiences and how to get involved with this adventurous "treasure" hunting phenomenon.

A Balancing Act
by Kris Bordessa
"It took a long time for me to realize that my success as a homeschool parent would require a much bigger adjustment than simply staying at home with the kids. My priorities would need to change if I was going to be present as a parent, rather than a housemaid."

The Young Adventurers
by Angelina Hart
Two young children explore Japan, and a mother discovers it's the little things that can make life seem truly exotic.

Unschooling and Self-Worth
by Shana Ronayne Hickman
"For us, one of unschooling’s greatest benefits is its natural reverence for a child’s self-worth. Rather than imposing our own structure on our children’s education, it necessitates that we trust our children and help them find and follow their own interests, forge their own paths, and pursue their own dreams."

Beauty and Balance
by Miranda Demarest
"Unschooling seems to me to be the recognition of life as a series of moments you only get once, and the vow to do them right the first time."

Detrimental Schooling: How Traditional Education Harms Children and Society
by Laurie Couture
Laurie Couture of reviews the historical origins of our modern public schools and lists the problems associated with institutional education.

Favorite Fascinations
Reviews of unschooling resources.

Who Knows
a poem by Dayna Martin


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