Unschooling with Live Free Learn Free - Issue Ten

Table of Contents

Experience vs. Being Taught
by Tracy Million Simmons
"I was witnessing a 'lesson' on how to swing - a well-meaning grandmother and a poor, befuddled, four-year-old boy. 'I'm done,' the boy whined. 'You're not done. You haven't learned how to swing yet. How is grandma supposed to teach you how to swing if you don't pay attention and practice? Now forward. Now back....'"

But How Will They Ever Learn to Stand in Line
by Shannon M. Reichard
What does socialization look like in an unschooling family? Here's one wonderful example.

Shellebrities: Unschooling Biographies
by Jessica Hunt

Collecting shells and creating puns combine, for one unschooling family, in a fun, biographical learning adventure.

Unsatisfactory Education
by Tammy Takahashi
"In schools, children are taught that, no matter how much they know and understand, they should always be learning more – that unless they know it all, they don’t know enough. It has been argued many times that the definition of success has become determined by the amount of stuff that we have (and our aspirations to have more). It has become the same way in education."

Unschooling With the Muse
by Ren Allen
Is it possible to be an unschooling parent as well as a creative, inspired artist/author/musician/etc.? Yes, and our children will benefit from our passion!

DELVING IN: Exploring Non-Newtonian Fluids
by Christy O'Neal
Find out about such non-Newtonian fluids as quicksand and liquid body armor, and learn how to make goop, slime and silly putty from household ingredients.

Life Curriculum
by Miranda Demarest
Curriculum for unschoolers? It's not what you think! A mother describes what she would like her children to know as they grow into the world.

The Work of Unschooling
by Heather Woodward
"Often people think that unschoolers simply let their children wander aimlessly without doing anything with them." But, what does unschooling really entail?

reviews of unschooling resources

A Tree
a poem by Caroline Martin

Little Lily
a poem by Sarah Roberts

Natural Learning (Why It Matters)
by Julie Persons

A mother recalls her own educational journey and describes the freedoms she wants for her children.


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