Issue One (August/September 2004)

Socialization on Their Own Terms
College: Weighing the Alternatives

Unschooling with Live Free Learn Free - Issue One

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Table of Contents

Cooking Up an Education
by Heather Woodward
A family learns about history, geography, gardening, math, reading and, yes, food through cooking.

A Few Words About Unschooling Math
by Luz Shosie
How many everyday things really involve math? Here's a partial list.

My Biggest Concern
by Joan Labbe
A mother evaluates the socialization question, comparing her family's situation to her own life as a public schooled child.

Aren’t You Worried?
by Rue Kream
A homeschooling mother asks some socialization questions of her own.

Suffering at the Hands of Strangers
by Cheryl Morkan
A family leaves the bullies of public school behind.

by Valerie Fitzenreiter
"A lack of school in her life did not hinder socialization; rather, it broadened her acceptance of people far beyond the scope of calssroom walls."

A Sense of Belonging
by Tammy Takahashi
Socialization through groups without losing one's identity as an individual.

Series of Haikus: My Unschooling Week
a poem by Rachel Johnson

a poem by Lexi Johnson

Grades Are for Meat and Eggs – Not Children
by Kelly Lovejoy
How grading devalues true learning.

Home Education from a Different Perspective
by Erika Schron
Homeschooling special-needs children creates learning environments tailored to their unique needs.

Kirby Turns Eighteen
by Sandra Dodd
"How is a life of learning 'done'? When is 'graduation' for an unschooler?"

College or Not?
by Peter Kowalke
An unschooler turns his struggle with the college question into a documentary about grown homeschoolers and learns some surprising things in the process.


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