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Established in 2004 and published every 2-3 months, Live Free Learn Free is an electronic magazine devoted to all things unschooling and contains no ads for boxed curricula, phonics and math workbooks, or online, curricula-based schools. Instead, each issue is packed with extraordinary articles written exclusively by unschoolers, for unschoolers.

We believe that unschooling involves: (1) trusting children to learn what they need to know from the real world when they are ready, and (2) helping children to find and follow their own interests, forge their own paths, and pursue their own dreams. To this end, we have compiled the largest collection of unschooling and natural learning resources on the web.

We strive to make this information available to anyone who needs it, through our magazine and through direct contact, in order to help unschooling become a viable, established, well-understood choice for all families.

For more information about us, check out our FAQ or read selected unschooling articles from Live Free Learn Free.

UPDATE: Live Free Learn Free has changed from a print magazine to an electronic magazine. Those subscribers who purchased at the print magazine prices will receive two electronic issues for each paper issue left in their subscriptions. Please bear with us during this transition.

Editor: Shana Ronayne Hickman
Office Manager: Terry RW Whisenant
Web Designer: Sean M. Hickman
Office Assistant: Kenzie Logan Hickman

About Shana Ronayne Hickman, editor of Live Free Learn Free

Shana Ronayne Hickman discovered the writings of John Holt when her son was three. She and her family live and learn together in Central Texas where she enjoys folksinging, writing, crafting and delving into projects head first. She holds a degree in English from The University of Texas at Austin. For more about Shana, you can read a selection of her writings on unschooling or visit her unschooling blog.

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